Welcome to our Collaborative page, where in our spare time we work with other creatives to produce projects that are more personal in nature and approach.

How Berlin got the Blues

Trailer - How Berlin Got The Blues


Our first Collaborative project is the documentary film “How Berlin Got The Blues” and has been shown in festivals in the US including the 2016 Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival, the 2016 Chicago International Film Festival, the 2016 Harlem Film Festival and has been selected for the upcoming 2017 Pan African Film Festival.

It tells the story of Eb Davis, an American blues musician and soldier who had two lives. By day he was part of a covert US Army unit based in Germany during the Cold War and by night he was a soul swinging Blues singing musician who literally brought Berlin the blues.

Pendulum was brought in after a first edit had already been produced, so the result is a collaborative effort between Pendulum, Calyspo Media and Stassy Media. In Berlin we filmed new interviews and b-roll of Eb on and off the stage.  We then spent the next 3 months in post putting it all back together with the colour grading provided by Emanate Studios based in London.